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Our company has developed an investing solution designed to recover the full purchase value of products and services, particularly in the vacation and real estate industry. We have partnered up with financial and legal experts that have international recognition from different countries to set up a fund that invests safely and guarantees a steady income for you to recover that expense and/or investment.  

How does it work?

Innovest collects a small percentage of what is paid for a product or service. Innovest Incorporated (IBC) which is the Settlor, assigns those collected assets to Bloom Holdings Trust located in the Cook Islands.

Once those assets are assigned to the trust the Trustee is bound by law to steward those assets to fulfill the commitment of paying a full refund to the beneficiary after maturity and that the terms and conditions are fulfilled, as designated in the contract.

The beneficiary (our client) will receive all the benefits of the contract if there was no breach of it on his behalf. He may also assign other beneficiaries if needed.


The evolution of this product throughout the years.


This is a security that is purchased at a discount and promises a payment higher than its original price once it reaches maturity.


A sophisticated financial product that is set up as an irrevocable trust that applies a long term investment strategy built on the strength of compound interests.

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