INNOVEST Corporation Group Inc. ™

Is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with satellite offices in Scottsdale Arizona and the Cook Islands abroad. After decades of global experience and knowledge within the Vacation Ownership and Real Estate Industry, our team developed a line of products that offers buyers a program that makes financial sense and provides peace of mind. The Innovest team saw the value of a Loyalty Rewards program that incentivized a Club Member or Owner to use, enjoy, and recommend others to join a program that provides a return on investment while enjoying the features and benefits of their investment throughout many years. Our collective data has shown us that both developers and consumers want a rewarding experience and we have created the best path to Vacation and Real Estate Ownership. Our products work for you through proven long term investing strategies and provide a return of 100% of the money associated with vacations or real estate investments. We are proud to be the company with the infrastructure in place that protects you and your beneficiaries and we are proud to be the only company that offers asset protection through an Irrevocable Trust.


The company

The INNOVEST company structure is the result of the product strategy which relies entirely on its legal and operational standards.

Our different companies play an important role in the legal and business process of our success. We developed our products with the help of advisory firms in the United States, both legal and financial entities participated to ensure we could give all assurance necessary and comply with regulations to become a leader in our industry.

Innovest Corporation Group Inc.TM has chosen the Cook Islands, an Associated State of New Zealand, to register the assets of its customers from its partner resorts and developments. The Cook Island regulations are the strictest in the world and offer the most protection and security available anywhere.

Innovest Corporation GroupTM is a “C” Corporation, incorporated in Nevada, USA, with a corporate office in Chicago, Illinois and with a satellite office in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Innovest IncorporatedTM is an International Business Corporation (IBC) headquartered in the Cook Islands, an Associated State of New Zealand. Innovest IncorporatedTM (IBC) is the administrative arm of the Trust, in addition to being the designated Settlor.

Bloom Global InvestmentsTM provides investment banking advice for the fund through multiple portfolios at established investment houses. Independent international investments and long term compound interest are one of the many strategies utilized to minimize risk and maximize growth.

Bloom Holdings TrustTM is an International Irrevocable Trust, established in the Cook Islands, reputedly the most secure location globally. The Federal Government audits the Trust continually to assure funds are available to repay the Beneficiaries.

Innovest Group S.A. de C.V. in México is the marketing, sales, and servicing subsidiary of Innovest Corporation Group Inc.™

We believe in the responsibility of contributing to organizations that make a difference, including UNICEF, The Red Cross and others that help our Global Community.

Core Values

Security, Strategy and Long Term Vision